UpFront Mortgage Professionals

UpFront Mortgage Professionals

About UMP


We’re Here to Serve You

The UpFront Mortgage Professionals (UMP) are a group of mortgage loan officers certified according to their adherence to current State and Federal laws and the UMP commitment to transparent and ethical loan originations. Mortgage professionals who receive the Certification (CLO) and conduct their business under the terms of the Commitment are listed in good standing under the UMP website. The process of shopping for a mortgage loan is different when you utilize an Upfroshutterstock_88694731nt Mortgage Professional (UMP). Instead of shopping for a mortgage loan, you are shopping for a mortgage professional. Once hired, the NMLS licensed Upfront Mortgage Professional will perform the shopping for the mortgage loan on your behalf. The Upfront Mortgage Professional’s fee is established in advance, so you can be assured that the information and counsel you receive from an Upfront Mortgage Professional is objective and un-biased.  This fee is a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the loan amount guaranteed Upfront and in accordance to the laws set in place by the State of origination of the loan.  Once the fee is set, it will not change.  UpFront Mortgage Professionals do not collect a fee for any upfront service including appraisal, credit report, lock-in or processing until (and only if) your loan closes.  Additionally, the UMP will give you 100% of any overage/Lender premium credits for the locked rate to be applied to your non-recurring closing costs in escrow.

Honest and Ethical Service First, not Hidden Fees and Commissions

The interest rate quote you receive from an Upfront Mortgage Professional may not be the lowest you can find on the internet, however it will be an honest one, including all fees and lender credits for the loan based on your credit score, income and asset qualification.  Upfront Mortgage Professionals are committed to delivering the best loan package for your needs, consisting of rate, fees, credit, terms, and long term financial security.  As a future home buyer or refinance client, using a UMP and the 10 Point UMP Commitment will ensure you have the most honest, ethical and professional service when making the biggest financial decision of your life.

UMP’s take that responsibility and role in your transaction to heart and believe your trust and happiness is more important than any fee we can earn.


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