UpFront Mortgage Professionals

UpFront Mortgage Professionals


“We made our first payment to Citibank today and I just wanted to thank you for all your help in putting this together. Your updates and insights were invaluable and we certainly appreciate your persistence and professionalism in making this happen.”– David L.

“My last loan experience a few years ago was not a good one, quite frankly it was nothing more than a shell game that I did figure out until it was time to sign the documents which was too late. You restored my faith in the mortgage industry. I definitely believe the Upfront approach is the way to go and will recommend it to anyone looking for an honest and forthright business transaction. Thanks again.”– Peter G.

“You’ve been great through this whole process (not to mention on top of it). My RE agent was duly impressed at how fast you got things done, especially in this crazy market.”– Steven

“We just got our amended payoff in. You did a fabulous job coming in right where we needed to be on the loan amount. We will need to bring in very little if any funds at all! You handled that so nice and quick. We appreciate the good job you did.”– Theresa C.

“Jeff, I am thrilled the costs came in even lower than originally quoted (who wouldn’t be) and, moreover, how would we have known if you didn’t tell us that the costs were lowered.  You could have easily charged the original quote.  I guess that is what UMBA is all about – really being UPFRONT .  That is why when rates went lower I called you again to refi, even though we had just refied 11 months earlier.  Once you get the docs in these loans just fly.  I think with all the horror stories in the news this loan went quick and smooth.  We really just started with docs around Oct.  10th or 12th so all done in less than 3 weeks!  I hope it was an “easy” one for you.  Thanks for hooking us up (again) and thanks for our monthly mortgage savings. ”– The Ainsworths of Santa Rosa

“I want to thank you so much for your proficient , speedy and caring way that you handled my mortgage refinance . I appreciate the way you kept me up to date and also your knowledge that  enabled you to find the best possible deal for me . I can see why you have been so successful. I also impressed with the people that assist you . Raylene was a delight ,so efficient , understanding and helpful. The appraiser was capable and pleasant. When it came to the dreaded signing the very charming Mr Campos and Raylene made it almost a pleasant experience.  Again, thank you,”– Edna I.

“Jeff is amazing and made the process so easy. Bank of America took forever and tried to bait and switch us in rates. Thank you.” –Anon. Borrower

“Thank you Jeff for getting us a great rate on our refinance.  You really made it easy for us.  We are all set for the next 20 years.  Outstanding and cannot thank you enough for all of your help, support and guidance…throughout the process. As always, your knowledge and ability to get the deal done in these tough times just re-assured us you will always be the mortgage guy we call!”- Don & Teresa

”It was a pleasure doing business with you, you definitely do not fool around and do whats best for your customers, there was a point where we didn’t know for sure what we were going to do, but we got reassured by two caring people. Thank you again Jeff, you bet we will put your name out there when we hear of anyone needing help with a home loan.”-Gene and Julie W.

“OK-  You busted me. I was approved for a new loan, but the closing costs were rather high and they wanted a point for 4.75 vs. 5% with no points. Just got a feeling this wasn’t as good a deal. I’ll admit I’m a bit embarrassed since you have been good; I suppose testing the waters proves you are the best deal going as always.  After 10+ years of taking care of us I probably should have known better. Lets proceed. Thanks so much.”– Dave D

“Jeff- appreciate all your efforts and commitment to secure the refinance.  It was quite a journey, but as you predicted, it all came together well. Your experience and know how navigated us well through the process.  We will for sure refer family and friends to you.” –Erik V.

“Jeff and Brandi were easy to work with and responsive to all e-mails. I appreciated the fact that the process was quick and free of surprises. Honest, hard working people. Would definitely recommend their services to friends and family.” –Anon. Borrower

“I just finished the meeting with the notary and all of the paperwork for the refinancing is signed.  Thank you SO much, each of you, for helping to make this happen.  Not only was it even better than “no-cost” refinancing, as my financial planner pointed out, it will make a big difference in my monthly mortgage payments!  Who knew that “it takes a village” also applies to refinancing 🙂  !! Thank you again for all of your support!” -Warmly, Janice

“Many thanks for all on this — the hard work, the generous price you charged, the speed, efficiency, and clear communication… This can be a painful process, but working with you has been anything but that, and has been a pleasure all of the way.  We are incredibly grateful to you and your team for all of your fantastic help on this.  ” –All the Best, Bill

“I have used Jeff since 1999 when I first purchased my first home. Hands down he and his team are bar none!” –Debra A, client 

“Very smooth process, Jeff and Brandi were very professional and diligent in responding to any of my emails or questions. I would highly recommend them.” -Kathy S, Sacramento

Very Satisfied with Jeff Knowledge and Professionalism, and  the level of service, level of communication, and explanation of all loan details were excellent.  “They kept me in the loop the entire process!” -Bobbi J, client

“The fastest refi I’ve ever done. Highly recommend Jeff and his team!!” -Jayne B, client

“Jeff and his team are honest, wonderful partners in the loan process. They worked unbelievably hard to find the best possible loan for us. We have worked with them several times and have recommended them to friends, and would happily do so again.” –Sarah, client

“It was a pleasure to work with Jeff.  He understood my circumstances and assisted to meet our criteria.  We strongly recommend him” – Client

“Jeff made a great first impression that continued on throughout the loan funding. Jeff was both proactive and responsive to our requests — even when having to review something we didn’t understand — and was constantly working to ensure the best overall package, not just the best rates.” -Client

“Outstanding services, the organization is top notch” – Client




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