UpFront Mortgage Professionals

UpFront Mortgage Professionals

Why use a UMP?


An UpFront Mortgage Professional is the only mortgage professional who has earned the designated of Certified Loan Officer by Jack Guttentag and the Mortgage Professor website. This certification guarantees that the UMP you have chosen to work with has passed the additional education test designed and implemented to ensure up to date knowledge of the mortgage industry’s rules and regulations, above and beyond the National Certification (NMLS) licensing required by individual states and the Federal Government.

A UMP must adhere to the 10 Point UMP Commitment on every loan transaction. This commitment is a one of a kind mortgage industry benchmark that allows for any consumer who uses a UMP to have their loan transaction procured and closed ethically and transparently… with targets at each stage of the loan process that are the most rigorous and cost effective in the mortgage industry today.

Not everyone can be a UMP.  When shown the additional testing requirements and the bullet points on the UMP 10 Point Commitment that have to be met for you the consumer, many choose not to proceed with becoming a UMP. If morals, ethics, transparency and doing what you say you are going to do are tenants you believe in and want in your mortgage transaction, then an Upfront Mortgage Professional is the right choice for you!











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