UpFront Mortgage Professionals

UpFront Mortgage Professionals

Certification Process

The UMP Certification Test

The test to become a certified loan officer is issued and graded by the Mortgage Professor.  The test is 91 questions and requires a 70% or 64 correct answers to pass.  The test encompasses all aspects of the loan origination process and each question has more than one right answer so the grades will be at the discretion of the Mortgage Professor and his staff.

To be request to take the test to earn a Certified Loan Officer designation and become an Upfront Mortgage Professional, you must apply below and send your business resume and copy of your NMLS license.   Candidates will be evaluated on their history in the mortgage business and license in good standing status.  We, the Upfront Mortgage Professionals and the Mortgage Professor believe that the CLO certification and a listing on the UMP site are valuable tools that will set you apart not only in your area of business but to be one of only 2 UMP’s in your State.

UpFront Mortgage Costs

There is no cost or fee to take the Mortgage Professor’s CLO test.  Once you pass you will be charged $49 as a one time processing fee.  If you are eligible to take a re-test (one time max if fail first test based on opinion of the Mtg. Professor) you will be charged an additional $20 if you pass a total of $69 will be charged to your monthly maintenance fee.

Once you pass you will have the opportunity to be have your exclusive site page on the Upfront Mortgage Professionals website in the State your licensed to do business in.  The site will enable the UMP to receive all the leads that come through the UMP site and enjoy all the benefits of being listed as a CLO/UMP.

The monthly membership fee that guarantees you an exclusive UMP website page will include your maintenance fee of $25 a month to the Mortgage Professor.  This is to review licensing status each year and to continue to provide and update you with current information in the mortgage industry that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Become a Certified Upfront Mortgage Professional Today!


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